Wednesday, 30 December 2009

soulja, kiss me thru' the phone

perhaps because my bubbles of ideas have somehow burst and flew away or that it is due to me being so preoccupied while trying to survive through an unprecedented study life, that i have come to write less. or maybe because the mysteries of life have unfolded in front of me faster than i can express them through writing, which erased the need to write them. of which is true, i am unsure.

however, even as a person who always try to retain what i can and i think i should, like the basic principles and beliefs which i have understood and embraced, or the precious people in my life that i have come to love and vowed to protect, i still have to admit that things do change, such as the frequency, style and content of my writings.

and that, there is always a trigger to a good post- an inspiration- that sparks and lifts me up whenever i read a good book such as one i'm reading now.

handle with care, by jodi picoult.

i don't know what other people think about a good post; for me, my good post is when i can write a fluent english composition of what i sincerely feel. it feels like i have gained something good and that i can share it with others, even when sometimes i haven't really found what i'm looking for. it is simply the safety and the easiness to convey what i think i feel deep down inside me. i always know that this road is long and it's not yet ending. i mean, i'm only at page 68 ;p

but i can feel the thrill, and the ability to convey this is assuring. something is opening up.

may we all be blessed with good books =) ameen..

p/s: somehow i have realized that i want to eat healthily, not for anyone else but my future babies :D

Friday, 4 December 2009

dengan sukacitanya dimaklumkan

baru seperti semalam terima surat tawaran dari petronas untuk pengajian bachelor of science di australia, dengan wajah blur dan selamba. gembira tidak, stress tidak, bangga tidak. hanya memikirkan yang seperti biasa, ada kerja yang harus disiapkan.

setahun di kolej dan 3 tahun di universiti. seperti rojak.

dan malam tadi semuanya sudah selesai. satu degree sudah terlaksana. insyaAllah graduasi pada 15 disember 2009.

ada beberapa perkara pasti akan berubah, seperti aku insyaAllah akan bekerja dengan petronas. dan ada beberapa perkara tak pernah berubah, seperti aku nak kawen, nak kawen, nak kawen. haha~~ =)

doakan yang terbaik untuk kita semua insyaAllah ameen..dan terima kasih atas doa, cinta, pertolongan, masa dan kesabaran kalian semua. walaupun sayangku sangat merendah diri untuk menerimanya, perempuanmu akan sentiasa tetap degil untuk berterima kasih.

sebesar-besar alhamdulillah dari dasar kehinaanku, Tuhanku.