Friday, 10 February 2012

peachy pink in cream

al fatihah to allahyarham tukwan.

i just met him 3 days ago and now he is gone. mak said he was suddenly cold, minutes after he last called her name. and he died on a thursday night. Allah bless him. ameen3.

i remembered he told me tukwan wanted to sponsor for my engagement ring, but mak insisted that he shouldnt do that, that we will work it out ourselves. he wanted to see us engaged since last year, and he wanted to see us got married this year.

i will remember his fond wishes.

seriously, how much time do we have with one another? we want so much to be accomplished, but seriously how much time we have to spend with each other?

mak said she was satisfied. tukwan has always been with them, has always been choosing them, has always been calling her name, not any others. and i know she has been very much patient with him, and she deserves to be satisfied.

by now tukwan has been lowered down into his grave, prayers chanted and some tears fell to the ground. silence will soon overwhelm every living creature.

and the dead.

ya Allah, grant him bliss and happyness in the hereafter and may he be released from all pain. ameen3..

i has just recovered from my own shortcoming. i have been down with bad cough and fever since last week. ma said my body asked me to stop for a while 'cause it cannot keep up with my spirit.

leave it to dearest mama to utter beautiful words like that.

the one who never stops to learn, in particular, me. and i, i never stop learning her. amidst the years that have passed and everything that has happened, there is always something new about us.

it surely is refreshing, to have surprises some time. it makes us realize how sometimes we have overlooked things, and how we want ourselves to be remembered, as how we want to be remembered.

she wants to go home and stay, i guess that is her most longed wish after years of struggling and waiting. and i, despite everything, want her to get what she wanted.

with respect and understanding.

with love.

ya Allah please let us have the time, please let us be satisfied, please let us not waste the precious times with our loved ones.


p/s: have a blessed friday.

Friday, 3 February 2012

its john steinbeck this time

In utter loneliness a writer tries to explain the inexplicable
- John Steinbeck

the thing is, loneliness is not major in my life now. busyness is. but the quote reminded me of my long lost times in ausie when my posts were all lengthy and continuous. when somehow some things have never settled even to some length.

brainy quote is getting me wondering again. i simply love it. and blog-hopping is somehow frightening. you never know whatcha gonna get. it is peculiar how i always jumped upon politic-based blogs (are they so many of them, is that why?)


back to work, peeps.

and have a blessed friday. remember to cut your nails and wear some perfume :)