Friday, 16 December 2011

with balloons, balloon pump, magic color pens and a lil' bit of time and thought

*le pompa bensin on jangan lupa namaku

this new fan can be quite cold. its blue and its awesome.

i never knew there's a person with the same name as mine a great vocalist. when i went to KJK this year there's a girl who carries my name and is also brilliant. and her teacher said she has a friend by the same name and they are constantly competing at school.

and then i had been reminded by a girl of same name carrying the head girl post two years after me at school.

can't name my own daughter by my name now, though :P

i have learnt that some people can be (oh my Allah) so annoying but also i have learnt that its not the way to treat them the way they deserve.

because they are just a small part of a grandest scheme of life, which means, well, they are not that important anyway.

dont know why lately i have been thinking about what i really should do in my life. i envy those who are masters in their field and are enjoying every bit of it.

i returned to my blank paper and mechanical pencil everytime, even though i am not very good at it.

also because i need to plan for my life projected 5 years beyond by which me myself have no idea what should it look like, make me constantly wonder.

i guess i just needed a time break. i know that my life hasnt been meaningless; they are just tiring a lot of times. i need to reset my objectives and start running. so much of conflicting responsibilities and interests, of loves and obligations.

i might start to lepak more at the kedai kopi ttfc after this, with a borrowed squash racket and its small ball. really, i have been practicing.

quite a new year resolution, i guess?