Monday, 23 August 2010

miley cyrus- when i look at you

i tilted my feet, so that i could put my piece of paper that i found after scrambling through my quicksilver bag onto my lap that was now straight, and started writing.

before i got out from the car, ma reminded me to pay more attention to my surroundings; to the people around. i wondered if i have the type of face that's attractive, which is of course questionable in the sense of whether it is good or otherwise, or she just kept her toes on news too well she couldnt help from worrying about her daughter's safety. her words 'dont take things for granted' made me to practice on simply looking at people's faces when i walked pass them. awkward enough, i found it somehow methodical and unpleasing.

i remembered once at the airport, a man told me 'nothing will happen to a lady as sweet as you.' i could still remember his words because i keep on questioning them.

the sunset sky was shining orange and was surrounded by blueish grey and white linings of puffy clouds stretched into thin lines like cotton rolls. sunsets; they are always silently beautiful by their own; being too far from men to reach. i wonder do they sometimes feel sad that despite they are beautiful, they are distant enough that people, lots of times, tend to overlook?

and then i wondered if that was really their feeling or its just the resemblance of my own.

further away i could see brightness striking out from pendarflour lights of high flats as the train moves quite slowly. i imagined different faces belonging to each well-lit squares; people doing different things at the very same time, being individuals when they are not that very physically apart. i tried to link with them, with the reason that perhaps one or two might actually understand how i felt, yet i eventually slashed that possibility out. but then i figured out that regardless, He still listens intently to each hearts, without failing even the tiniest detail.

feeling absorbed and helpless, i didnt really know what i then should be telling Him, or what should i pray for. at least i knew what to write about; it has been quite some time now i supposed.

in the coldness that blanketed me through the whole journey, i remembered your face sending me flying kisses; your shoulders relaxed and your eyes were calm as ever.

i couldnt help myself from smiling, no matter how much i tried to hide it, and i wasnt afraid anymore.