Monday, 24 May 2010

my lips is itchy and is becoming red. i think its the allergies

it looks like i left my little shelter here unkept for quite some time :)

alhamdulillah im officially accepted into the biggest company in malaysia and is now undergoing my training. phew. its a big thank you to The Almighty and my loved ones who always stay by me no matter how hard things turn out to be. abah, ma, adik2, sayang, pck amer and family, petronas, dearest friends and their family as well as supportive society members, thank you so much. thank you.

thank you again.

i'll try to keep this little niche of mine company, though i have to admit that my time would surely be restricted. i told my boyfriend that i want to write as ambitious as ever, as committed as my inspiring interviewer, but he told me to be realistic- though its hard to admit, i wont have much leisure time to spend on my blog anymore. but i know that he knows how stubborn i am. i'll just let fate decide where my stubbornness will end up then :D

for the short memo of the things ive missed writing:

1. the program im attending is called PIPE (Petronas Induction Programme for new Executives). i found many marvellous, sometimes mischievous though high achievers new petronas executives here. all are amiable and have high potential in showing exceptional performance in their respective fields. each session are competitive (because we made it to, not because we necessarily need it to be ;p) and very much enjoyable. but i need to constantly remind myself that im in the middle of a job right now; play time should be managed well. nevertheless, meeting all these comrades is a real good deal. like one of the petronas staff said, these are the people that you'll grow in the organisation with. and so far things have been nothing but memorable experience. for example, today i gave elephants their bath and feed my favourite animal since i was small- the giraffes. we went to zoo negara for a corporate social responsibility service. i'll get my loved ones to go volunteer here as well. it was a one-of-a-kind experience for me, so i hope others can get the chance too. if anyone wants to volunteer please tell me :)

2. spiffy died last saturday. at first he was sick due to food poisoning; he liked to eat almost anything he could get his paws on and the mackerel in tin that we bought for him somehow was already bad. we brought him to the nearest animal clinic and got him some med and other foods. a week later he recovered almost thoroughly, day awin accidentally glided the gate onto sleeping spiffy. his paws were bleeding and he had traumas, he got terrified and was shaking to his wake. i almost cried seeing him limped but i knew that i had to be strong for him. so i kept strong. but days later, when he almost recovered and started to jump out from my lap that i was so happy, a neighbour of ours pulled one of his ear until he was in middle air and his inner ear bled. since that incident, he refused to eat and drink. i cant express how sad and helpless i felt for him. i had to prepare for my PIPE program the next week. on the morning of Saturday 15th of May 2010, i kissed him before i went to klcc to meet my friends for financial support. i never thought that it would be the last time that i kiss him. even now i miss him so much that sometimes it gave me nightmares and each time i remembered the day and how he died, i had a tough time to hold back my tears. but i know that he's happy with Him now. :)

im holding on, and like he said, we'll strive it through insha Allah..ameen3..