Wednesday, 17 April 2013

is that you, mr kunci hilang? i wonder.

there's a saying that goes

'everyday is quite a routine but you are always a different person from you were yesterday. a little wiser, a little..more.'

i had the chance to go through my past posts and comments.

to feel the same way as when i was writing them long ago. to get comments like 'anta no koto nanka omoshiroi. kotoba. yasashi no kotoba'. and to relive the experience.

i guess the calling to write and have a blog was a right choice. sometimes i wonder whether i would like to reread my posts and to acknowledge that things are different now and then; i might be missing parts of my life that i dont know whether i can have them again or not. and to wonder about whether my life has been better or worse now.

i realized now that it is not important. all these times, all these experiences, the good and bad-

are all me. the minion orphan who have a wondrous life experiences.

i walked alone yesterday from the heavily congested traffic, into the greenery area of our future rental house. there were doves picking on the grass, cars were very few, the grass are light green to yellowish in colour. there were little hills by which stairs are built to connect between the different blocks, and our block is slate clean. some newborn cats are resting under the hot sun, some are sleeping with their mothers. leftover rice were carefully put on newspapers at one corner of the building, under the stairs so it wont get spoiled by wind or rain. i couldnt remember if there was a bowl of water next to it, but i'd like to believe that it was there.

mr yap: so how's our princess doing today?
me: well..the princess thinks that she has found her house.
mr yap: ahh..good for you. how far is it from lrt?
me: about 15 mins walk.
mr yap: that's quite far..and the area..there are many bad hats around, you know. i know the area. i am worry for you.
me: yeah..well my future neighbour said he brings a big umbrella with him always, just for protection.
mr yap: well..yeah..but being you you need to be less look like a princess you should need an escort wherever you go.
me: hahaha..i should be fine with the umbrella..perhaps i shouldnt go back home late as well.
mr yap: yes. and wear snickers to and fro work to help you walk and run.
me: yep.
mr yap: you should bring jeans with you as well. change everyday before you go back home. make it a habit, you'll get used to it fairly fast.
me: that's good advice. thanks mr yap!

back to lrt, i followed a short cut paved with red bricks with big shady trees bellowing their leaves from atop to mask the blaring sun. i was sweating my shirts wet but calm inside. out from the paved road, i continued my steps again into a busier, more hectic traffic.

into a busier, more hectic life.

just to get challenged again. just to get riled up the courses of harsh reality, demands and expectations again.

well, it doesnt matter. i dont have all the time in the world anyway, and so does all problems. i just need to catch up, be wiser, keep moving forward. thats the only sensible choice i can come with.

ganbaranakya yo ne.

p.s: have a blessed birthday, habib ali al jufri. i like to hear you and see you smile i think i am seeing a bit of the prophet through your eyes.