Wednesday, 20 July 2011

there is a pdf writer called Cutepdf Writer, and i just installed it

since projects have/will start soon-ish, the time when we all have to stay back at the office has come again, for better or for worse.

a commenter whom i knew through a japanese song typed in his/her comment that 'kimi wa osoraku subarashii josei desu (you are (i dare say) a wonderful woman). i dont know how close/far that statement is from truth (haha) but because
(1) it was typed in japanese and that
(2) i just talked to a japanese woman since two days ago (i was so excited i needed to pause a while to stop my body from shaking) and that
(3) i got to eat japanese foods i have never tasted before in my life (croquette & hokkaido's seaweed beans)
(4) for free! and further,
(5) made 'him' interested to eat japanese food as well (he has never eaten any in his life)
(6) and i have always dreamed of eating pretzels and today i got to eat one
(7) also for free!

have triggered me to write a new post.

just to say thank You, ya Allah.

for everything above, and everything else unlisted here.

alhamdulillah and thank you to all :)

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

did you know what is a slinky?

i used to have one when i was a kid, abah brought it home. it was, for me, one of the most intriguing, fascinating object i have seen in my entire life. i used to play with it a lot, letting it fall downstairs and repeatedly play it on my palms. i loved it a lot, and when it broke, i cried and couldnt let go.

the thing is, after that, i kept on searching for a replacement but i couldnt find one. and when i finally found it (i dont remember, somewhere during high school, perhaps?) it just didnt look the same anymore. none can beat the beauty that was possessed by the slinky that abah bought me; playing it sometimes making me feel that its therapeutic.

this is the closest that i could find

i can be obsessed with the phenomena of physics, so this may be the cause of me loving a slinky so much. haha~

later the other day, my auntie tagged me and my siblings some pictures of abah back when he was during his mission in mozambique. he was so thin it made me want to cry, but mama only commented with a laugh on where did my aunt got those pictures. it made me smile again, thinking about how mama has become more positive nowadays.

she spends much of her time less in front of the computer now and more into sewing, which she always find it so fond to do. she even sewn my torn underwear (i loved it so much i didnt want to get rid of it) and we all laughed about how funny it looked like.

and when 'he' went back home she was so happy and talked a lot with 'him' that made me feel that my life is so, so blessed. when i asked my brothers whether is it okay for me to marry 'him' they said 'yong, dah macam abang sendiri dah yong.' mama even call 'him' abang at home and apologized(!) when she said something wrong. i am so touched with what mama has done for me, please Allah make her happy and make 'us' make her happy. ameen3...

for the food record, i actually had a loafsome worth of happy food time since last week. i ate at sukhumvit restaurant, a thai-concept one at kampung baru and they had the best tomyam i have ever eaten. last monday i had my all-time favourite apam balik, kuetiow goreng and air mangga (this one's new) and yesterday mcD's double cheeseburger, bbq fries, diet coke, lime mcflurry and parkson's asam laksa. yesterday's asam laksa is the best asam laksa i have ever tasted, so did the bbq fries. the lime mcflurry tastes like solero, which reminded us (my sister and me) of childhood. you know how they said that the best food in the world turns you into a child again, dont you? and best of all, they are all cheap! :)

but of course, none can beat the times when i eat with my loved ones. no matter how bad they taste like, they are still the best :)

im spending much of my time trying to study geophysics in order right now. all the best to me. hehe~

ya Allah, thank you for surrounding me with the wealth of love, the sufficient of finance and the never ending forgiveness and blessings. alhamdulillah, ameen3...