Monday, 31 January 2011

dalam banyak-banyak van, van apa yang boleh dimakan?

i just finished recalculating for my financial planning.

with time, some major changes will happen in your life and knowing that, you should recalculate your financial progress and think of ways to maximize your profit.

we had an inspiring minum petang with my foster father about how he became a millionaire. and today when i met my friends we shared about which is better- ASB saving or ASB financing. after much study and calculations, we arrived at the conclusion that the latter is more rewarding.

and a colleague also noted about an ASB loan package by RHB whereby we only have to pay for the interest for the first 3 years and only start to pay the principle after that 3 years. if, we want to terminate the loan before we start paying for the principle we can do so and take out the dividends to start a fresh loan. im still studying into that.

with my financial planning so far, with God's will everything go smooth i can confidently say that i can become a millionaire before i retire.

which brings me back to the question- why do i want to be a millionaire/multimillionaire?

perhaps the number 1 reason is that im already tired and am done with financial barriers. therefore i want to have that financial freedom as soon as possible.

and of course, for the future of my family.

and third, as a welfare for me in akhiraat.

ya Allah, please guide us the way, bring us ease through our plans, save us from undesirable mishaps and grant us 'us' until forever...ameen, ameen, ameen ya Allah...

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


it has been a while, again.

i just remembered about replenishing my bloggish thirst and when i saw the previous title it made me resembled about how my life has been up and down like a roller coaster with the switch off of 2010 and the brand new coming of 2011. apart from that, i cannot complain.

there has been some changes with the new year, either they happen coincidentally or not. the first one is the change of weather; resulting a sudden shift in focus from geophysical acquisition work that i had been doing enthusiastically so far to geophysical processing job which conveniently came to fill in my time. the truth and inconvenient (thus challenging) part of it is that i am an official zero-knowledge-brain owner of geophysical processing. compared to other colleagues who have at least a basic skill at knowing what NMO stands for i am no different at all from someone who has never heard of the word geophysical processing at all.

after several weeks indulging myself into processing world i found out that i have grown more pimples and eyebags; which although from what i have found was actually due to lack of exercise (see para 6); have made me visibly more stressful and timid. at more times i found loneliness more of a friend than people, and i could get irritated more easily because i keep on feeling disappointed with myself for not knowing (about processing) and sometimes at even the very silly little things. plus, competitions from dear colleagues who are somehow can keep their interest at respected level from 8 till 5 and seniors' expectations made my heart feel squeezed into juice. to be honest, it's a feeling i cannot feel at ease about. i wanted some time off, but i couldnt. i knew that sooner or later, i still have to face them out and close this gap. once and for all, i hope. for the better, ey.

so i kept on crawling. i scratched through notes and reports and transmittals and websites, i asked questions and raised issues. i tried to think more and do more, although i sometimes felt that they were too much that i wanted to vomit. when i did feel so, i took some time off and played my ipad, or surf through the net. my loved ones keep me going, although some havent. i am still waiting for them to change for the best of their own. oh my beloved family.

i realized that i have neglected my physical exercise when i read an ad at the LRT station: "physical activities help your body to detox itself through perspiration, thus promotes healthier and glowing skin". i reflected on my eyebags and pimples growing at the side of my forehead where i used to perspire the most during exercises and realized what i had been missing so far despite my success in maintaining my body weight's range by +-2kgs - the joy, relief, destress, and sweat i gained from exercising. i started to imagine the shortness in breath, the urge for more effort to complete more push ups, the free movements i can make with all the parts of my body. they are tantalizing and always make me feel fresh. i had barely the time to do all those things; i had been concentrating more on my job and family time and doing financial planning. i forgot to enjoy with myself.

thus i made up my mind to spend at least 20 minutes to exercise in my room. i made push ups, i did static running, i did sit ups, i put on the music, i danced, i laughed. i deliberated myself. God it felt so good. and the best part is, i feel better now, alhamdulillah.

and after consultation with an employee at a pharmacy, i had been told on how to apply the eye-roll that i had bought correctly. actually i thought that it didnt work so i would like to try another one, with her consultation i found that wasnt needed; i only have to work on how to correctly apply it under my eyes and massage the area to make the toxin that causes the eyebags to go away. tips on better sleep, destress and also healthier lifestyle were also discussed. i saved money and gained new knowledge- another plus :)

regarding the processing work, i can feel that my seniors are starting to acknowledge my effort in studying processing and are giving me more chances and sharing more knowledge they have, which i found out not only more enriching but lifting away a lot of burden of expectations from my shoulder as well. i feel more trusted not only by them but more importantly by myself, because before all i know is that i am a processing stupidos who can only ask stupid questions which makes eyes roll in disbelief. but now i know that there are more and more info that i can relate with and are building up. ya Allah, please ease our tasks for us. ameen3...with acquisition i actually have a problematic project; my team members and me had put in a lot of effort into getting it done and had been hit and bombed a lot by our bosses, people from different departments and contractors because of it and as watson in sherlock holmes said

"I've been reviewing my notes, of our exploits over the last seven months.

would you like to know my conclusion?



yes, sometimes it wasnt funny at all. but since the project we have known each other well and learnt a hell lot about seismic acquisition especially the operational matters; it always amaze us (isnt it?) on how the very difficult things could be the most beneficial. but still, it has been the pain in my backbone. after yesterday i was still thinking what can actually make it worse since it has always been that way but there's light at the end of the tunnel, perhaps and lets say it positively that we can sort it out eventually, with peace. insyaAllah, ameen3...

and the most interesting part in all this is that I CAN NOW COMPLETE SUDOKU! so far i had completed 11 sets (+ more from ipads i didnt count) with an average timing for Medium level of around 35 minutes, and yesterday i completed a Hard one with 16.38 minutes in timing! clap clap clapppp..i am so proud of my teacher..hehe~ thank you dear.. :)

i'll keep rolling to let off more dirt and smudge from the entire me =) ya Allah please show us light, give us strength, patience and success and keep us healthy and away from unwanted disturbances and adversities...ameen ameen ameen ya Allah..

p/s: dear Adah, happy 13th birthday.. ;)