Thursday, 22 July 2010

naruto songs


after watching inception yesterday, aisyah and me had our dinner at shokuji bento section, enjoying japanese cuisine of course.

we talked about the movie. i personally think its one of the best movies ive watched all my life. i sure as heaven will buy the cd for my family to watch it as well.

i wished you were there beside me dear love. and of course, we talked about you as well.

and about me learning japanese. and the japanese songs she likes, and the japanese songs i like.

which then reminded me of mahou no kotoba by spitz. and followed were all the songs i suddenly realized that i have forgotten that i love them.

i never knew how much part of me that went lost when my laptop broke- all the stuffs inside- the pictures, songs, memories- until yesterday. oh, God. how did i miss this?

therefore i am retracing back my old steps since years back, particularly post 2005. the critical times whereby the important pieces of me were built, parts are revealed and shared, the muddy waters inside cleared, confessions made, our love began.

the story of my life aligned. and it's far from over. honestly i do feel scared sometimes. the more you love someone, the more you dont want to see them get hurt.

i'll do my best. ameen3..

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

abah, ma and qila at cameron highlands

its off office hour. dim-lighted, personal.

reminded me of the times back in australia. the lonely nights, but very insightful. not so busy, yet filled. not many people, but somehow i managed.

through songs, stretched hours, lots of exercises, focused plans, nightmares, the prayer mat, lecture notes, stringent dieting.

the bitter times that im now missing. how less means more.

its 603pm and im still here. i guess im starting to love staying at the office, hearing to repeated songs, missing my other half and praying the best for all my loved ones.

back then, i always feel that something is missing it frequently made me cry. everything is so far; i cant imagine everything is in their correct place right now, even though i am already near to all that i used to miss.

the gap is still there.

things can never be the same once abah is gone. it never has been, it can never be. no matter how much i try. and perhaps its a good thing. because if it doesnt i'll soon be doomed much faster than i would be able to realize.

its now 618pm.

i need a new handphone. specifically an express music with 3.2mp camera and 3G. and a personal laptop. then i'll be better off. for sure.

time to be patient for the money.