Sunday, 20 June 2010

ne yo- part of the list

so the career era has started. it hasnt arrived to the full-blown mode yet, but things do somehow weigh heavier. all theories ive encountered in life so far are put on the test. the future, when in one hand is always unpredictable, in the other hand is always governable and can be planned.

so that's what i have started to do- to plan my life and to execute my plan and to see results. i am now leading my own life, and God knows in 5-10 years? time i'll be leading my own family's life as well.

and so, the preparations for the days to come is crucial. seriously crucial.

the book given by my interviewer has proven to be useful. (azizi ali- millionaires are from a different planet). it gives huge realization about the importance of planning your personal finance and very good step-by-step tips on how to be financially secured (its obviously a book on how to be a millionaire but let's not aim too high ;p).

but yeah, there's nothing wrong to become a millionaire :D ameen3...

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

when you want something, the universe conspires to make it happen

i arrived at rawang ktm station at 1016am. the 1015am was almost leaving the station. i still hadnt bought my ticket, and the queue was long. the train would depart any minute now. at first i just thought that i probably wont make it.

it was 10.17am now and as i queued, i took a look at the departure timetable- the next train would depart rawang at 10.45am, which means i have to wait another 30 minutes for the next train. i have waited that long for the bus which brought me from my residential area to rawang, and for the love of God i dont want to wait again for the train. but, considering that i might not be able to catch this train, i was reluctant to pray and hope and instead found myself preparing mentally to wait for another half an hour.

it was at that instant that i remembered what my boss had said- if you want it, you will get it. at that time it was almost 10.18am, the queue was still long and i knew that unless a miracle happens, i wont catch this train im writing this post in.

but i gathered my courage and put all my confidence into my prayer and hoped that somehow, somehow i could board this 10.15am's scheduled train. the time was now 10.18am.

suddenly, a new ticket counter opened next to the current counter and i quickly got out from the queue and went straight to the next counter. as i was paying for the ticket, the train doors were already closed so i slowed my pace a little, having doubt that i might not be able to go into this train after all. but the train was moving so slowly and i saw the button 'press to open door' so i pressed it, and the door opened. i think i was the last person to board the train.

it all happened in about 5 minutes, but boy, i learnt a lot about the power of will and prayer :)

p/s: happy birthday ahnaf amir ;) mau kek tunggu my first gaji ok..hehe~~