Wednesday, 17 November 2010


After a wholesome day of cooking with ma, a happy chatter with him and a good bath always help to unwind me. Right now I'm relaxing with my iPad which I found out to be very convenient whether with or without the Internet. Of course, having Internet with me all the time would be best.

I have never thought that I would be so lucky to own an iPad for free. But that Tuesday really was my day. First I got to attend a session on Geophysical Electromagnetic Prospecting which since I was small I had considerable interest in it. When I went into upper secondary school, during physics classes I had long awaited my teacher for class on electric and electromagentic. I won't say that I was damn good in it but I am crazy in the topic; as the session went on I couldn't stop my hands from shaking because I was too excited to learn more on how they apply electromagnetic principles in hydrocarbon sensing. Therefore I paused from writing and focused solely on what the speaker said and asked some questions. I planned to later copy the notes from syasya.

We rushed to the DesktopLaunch event where Halliburton was launching their new software. We already knew that there would be a lucky draw at the end of the event therefore we didn't forget to bring our business cards. I think we were the last three person who came; I put my business card first followed by syasya and danni. We went in and found ourselves seats; I sat beside afiq and I asked him what the new software was about. From what I understand, it collaborates seismic images and information about a geological area from various sources at the same time depending on what we request it to display, therefore enabling direct comparisons and prospect potential assessment to be done in realtime. I found it as a beneficial tool but I wonder about the computer capacity it would be demanding- and whether it is cost effective. But it was almost time for the launching and presentation to finish and I couldn't wait to copy the notes from syasya so I grabbed her book and started copying. Afiq asked me to share with him what we got from the previous session so I simply went over my notes. He said it was similar with dr deva's presentation but I could seldomly recall it because I didn't really understand what he taught, compared to this presentation which was delivered from a young enthusiasted guy from Irtkusk Company whose hands were also shaking and his breaths fell short whenever he reached a certain interesting point. I could honestly understand that- I am crazy about the topic as well.

When the time came for the lucky draw, we all looked ahead. There was only one lucky draw and also only one iPad to be won, and that was it. The man put his hands into the bowl and took a business card, he then held it in his hand. He was English. He announced that the winner was from Carigali and he would have trouble saying the name right.

"aqilah amir jamalullail..." I put my head up and looked in front. I was still copying notes so I was blurred for a moment when my name was called. When everyone was looking around and my friends were staring at me in an awe, then I realized what was happening. I stood up and made my way through the rows of chairs to a clearing at the center. People were taking pictures and I shyly went on to get my prize. And there I was, receiving a free iPad which I knew almost nothing about and would merely be thinking about having it in breezes.

And right now I'm typing this post through it. Everyone who knows about my winning said that I was very lucky. When I look back, I sure am feel thankful for this, ya Allah. You sure know how to cheer me up :) Alhamdulillah, thank you ya Allah..thank you everyone who pray for my blessed and easy rizq..may it flow rich and blissful for all of us..ameen3...

Happy eidul adha..