Monday, 11 June 2012

say i love you when you're not listening

the new song brought me back to the years when i still didnt have you.

after all these times and thinking how we will insyaAllah be united very soon makes me feel somehow in disbelief, sometimes. because i really thought that i would lose you, sooner or later. because i had lost people closest to me. because i dont want to feel hurt anymore. because, twice, i have been shattered. i made mistakes, i blamed their demise on myself. i always told that i could have been better. but i am not perfect. im not God. i always told myself that if you ever see these scars, you would definitely leave.

but you simply said that's not your style. that you have made your mind, and you are on your way.

i used to think that i live for others, until you found me. until you perfect me and i dont know how, but effortlessly, i perfect you. you told me that for us, it is always a win-win situation, a both sides fortune.

a two-sided coins. half of a heart each.