Thursday, 3 January 2013

assalamualaikum irfan =)

i have wrote to my daughter but i had dreamed of a boy.

our irfan. it could only be a dream, but it can also be true, so mama sends assalamualaikum to you who are still in alam barzakh, dearest irfan. mama woke up beside daddy that morning, still numb after dreaming you. daddy asked mama why. you were so cute, a little spoiled like me as you cried a little when daddy left for work. mama called your name many times to soothe you. you had daddy's eyes, and your hair was so straight, soft and shiny. and yes, you are so brilliant we can see it from your eyes.

irfan, mama wrote to your sister about marriage in the earlier post. so let me continue the story, you both can share the stories later :)

mama suffered from acne during the year before daddy and mama got married. and sometimes we sulked. especially mama, i am a damn perfectionist when it comes to..well, everything. but the fact that mama knows that always make mama struggle to not being one, because it can hurt a lot.

but you know irfan,

being married to daddy might just be the most magical thing in mama's life. mama may not be able to tell you how, but insyaAllah daddy and mama will show you. and hopefully you will understand, and most importantly, feel happy and blessed just like we both have felt, all the way, all the way.

if mama have the time, mama will tell you many stories of challenges, pain and difficulties that we have gone through. and that the end of each stories, we will smile and laugh together because Allah's love is great and He always show us the way out, the solutions to every problem we have.


mama dont know how to describe why mama fell in love with daddy, but mama will try.

mama has seen a lot of big guys but mama havent seen one with guts as big as his. this includes how brave daddy is to ask mama's hand for marriage and to strive on making it successful, how brave he is to cry with mama when mama is sad and humbly  apologize when something is wrong.

mama has seen a lot of guys who can flatter anyone with their words but mama havent seen one who can understand mama's words and silences better than he can. and he can understand almost anyone, he can make almost anyone smile sometimes just by hearing his voice.

and he cannot wait to have you, he was so excited to know about mama dreaming of you. he asked what were we doing, where were we, how did you look like, how old were you in mama's dream.

no words can describe how happy and relieved mama is when alhamdulillah we are destined to be together as husband and wife on 1.2.34H last year. and to be blessed by families and friends? it was priceless.

but this year is a challenging year for us, irfan. so we'll take one step at a time, shall we?

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adnil linda said...

cant be patience to wait for irfan too...
insyaAllah qila