Monday, 27 October 2014

Happy Birthday, abah. I miss you.

I could say that it was a weekend of accidents.

We went back to my in-law's house for hubby's cousin's wedding ceremony on Friday's night and was caught in a 10km-long traffic jam, due to an ice lorry from the opposite side of the road skidded off and crushed two cars on our lane. By the time we arrived at the accident spot the road was already cleared. May Allah have mercy on those souls. The usual 2.5 hours trip became almost 4 hours.

On our way back, there was an accident involving 5 cars. I didn't dare to peek outside the window to see how bad it was but hubby said there was only one car left on the emergency lane; the rest have all been cleared. The back of the car was totally smashed, windows crashed into pieces, stuffs from the back seat was crushed and pushed into the car, I could see a pink pillow amidst the chaos of broken things, still embedded at the back dashboard. I forced myself not to look too closely since I didn't want to see any blood (if there was any). 

I always remember how mama always say abah doesn't want us to see any view of accidents in case we happen to be nearby, but even then abah didn't mind to share some gruesome photos that was pinned on the whiteboard in his office - pictures of crime evidences - of chopped hands, blood stains on the floor, white powder scattered around the crime scene, while he was in the Narcotic Department. At that time I didn't mind. I was proud to be a policeman's daughter, and I aimed to look like one - fearless, indifferent, cool. I managed to pull off the character until high school. Because after that, I fell in love. But perhaps some of them still remain, the coolness, the indifference towards certain things in life, but I guess I have become more attentive, interested and expressive than ever. Thanks to a husband who is always showy of his love to his family, and me.

It was pouring heavier than ever after we passed by the accident area. Hubby haven't changed the broken wipers so we had to drive slow. At certain points all cars were driving slower even on the right lane. People started to flash on hazard lights, including my husband, and when I asked why he said it is to help the motorists see clearer. He said "Poor those motorists" every time a motorcycle passed by. I could relate, it must be aching and cold and scared at the same time. Thank Allah no one on motorcycle was a child. If not, it would be most terrible to see.

Looking at the scene in front of us, I suddenly blurted out, "If Malaysia has four seasons, road riders would be more responsible." Hubby's eyes were still on the road but he asked why.

"Which one do you pity more - people who are hot or people who are cold?"

"Cold ones."

"Exactly. Imagine 4 months of winter season with this kind of heavy downpour on the road. And also the thick ice. We here have air conds in our car, they have heaters to warm them up since most of the time, it is cold."

"Aman's car has heater inside."

"Yeah, like the one in Aman's car (it is an imported model). I have always liked the idea they show us in the movies, when someone gets stranded out with no where to go, suddenly knocked on a door and a kind lady opened it, seeing a freezing person outside, rushing them to come into the house, putting onto them a blanket and offered them hot chocolate to warm them up. Before I went to Australia, I never really understood how cold it could be. Being cold can be very miserable and pitiful."

"And seeing how the cars have became really concerned towards motorcyclists here, giving away hazard lights to guide them during this bad weather, having pity thoughts and suddenly became more concerned of other people's safety - don't that earn us some merits, albeit the rain? It's like, we are all one - humans - against a bigger force - the weather - and we all unite to keep each others safe."

Suddenly I thought about my own thinking, this is legend.

My husband has long been lost inside his own thoughts, but he listens nevertheless. I myself didn't notice when I actually stopped talking and became drowned in my own thoughts as well. The rain was really powerful it did that. 

Even now all I could clearly remember from last night was the very heavy rain, and how the roads and cars and motorcycles looked when they all slowed down. And amidst that I could visualize Australia again, during the cold nights of Melbourne. The sound of the heater and the still nights when I walked pass the dryer machines room. They were so still that they were restless at the same time.

Irfan is kicking harder now, and my throat is feeling more and more burned due to perhaps haven't eaten my lunch. 

I try to postpone thinking about my family every time I am trying to eat, since I can lose my appetite so easily. It is not an easy thing to deal with when after all these years, you can't even express yourself, and when you did, everyone misunderstands you, and while you are pregnant with your first child and you are barely managing.

I always try to write what I feel but now I have became so tired of what has becoming of recent events, but I will try again some time later.

And the rest, I leave them all to You, ya Allah.

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