Friday, 31 October 2014

Preparing for our lil one :)

As a first time mom, I was previously perplexed of what to buy and where to start in terms of baby stuffs. Also because we are both young parents who don’t have the luxury of a big budget for a baby, but we want to make ado nevertheless. So after researching online, asking friends/family and reading some books, here are a simplified list of what I thought are important, and I hope these would benefit all becoming mothers out there, wherever you are :)

Pregnancy supplements - Starting off:
1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: I bought mine from an agent of as recommended by my aunt
2. Enriched goat milk: I’m taking Nutri Goat Miracle 8, which contains 8 foods from the Sunnah
3. Pramilet
4. Caltrate
5. NeuroGain PB
6. Maternity pillow: to help ease your sleep
7. Reading certain surahs from the Koran: Maryam & Luqman for Monday, at-Taubah for Tuesday and Wednesday, Yusuf, Fatihah, Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq and An-Nas for Thursday, and Yaasin, Hujurat & An-Nahl for Friday. There are also certain ayahs that are good to be recited during pregnancy and labour, just google them :)

Baby bath stuffs:

1. Baby body wash: I use Indulge by Neways for both body wash and shampoo, as per recommended by my mom-in-law
2. Baby shampoo
3. Bath tub
4. Bath supporter: I’m not really confident to hold my baby during bath since he would be sooo delicate and fragile *scared*
5. Towel: about 3 pcs
6. Toys (optional)

Baby hygiene:

1. Diapers: I plan to use Pet Pet for day use and Mamy Poko for night/travel use (Mamy Poko is more expensive) and I bought S size as per recommended by my sis-in-law; she said baby grows too fast, and Newborn size would be outworn too soon
2. Changing mat
3. Rash spray: I use Eliminator by Neways, also recommended by mom-in-law
4. Wet wipes: Travel pack is enough and less pricey too
5. Baby body and hair oil
6. Baby cream
7. Manicure set

Baby clothes:

1. Day wear: Sleeveless/short sleeves with short pants, rompers. Make sure you have at least 10 sets, but only buy max of 3 sets of Newborn size. The rest should be of bigger sizes (3-6m, 6-9m, 9-12m) since yeah, baby outgrows them fast :)
2. Night wear: Long sleeve with long pants/leggings, jumpsuits, sleepsuits. Quantity and sizes should be the same with Day Wear
3. Caps, mittens and boots: We bought only 3 sets. Some people give these are presents (the same with Day and Night Wears), and my friend said her son only wore mittens for 2 months since he wasn’t comfortable with them. It would depend on your baby so you don’t have to buy a lot.
4. Barut/Dressing: My sisters said I would need A LOT, so I bought A LOT. But my friends said their babies don’t even wear these after 3 months, so I guess it depends on your baby again. Just make sure you have at least 5 pcs, just in case :)
5. Blanket: I bought 1 hooded blanket, and 4 ordinary blankets. 5 should do I guess, since your baby might leak his/her wee-wee and the blanket would get dirty and needs to be changed
6. Washclothes: I bought a set of 8 for just RM10 so I guess that would be more than enough

Baby travel & sleeping time:

1. Travel bag: I bought a set of a small and big travel bag, the small one is for a day trip, and the bigger one is for a weekend/longer trips :)
2. Travel changing mat: It came with the bag
3. Comforter set: A comforter, one head pillow, and two lil bolsters
4. Baby cot

Baby feeding:

1. Nursing bras: If you plan to breastfeed
2. Breast pads: 4 sets for a start is good enough :)
3. Nipple cream: If you plan to breastfeed, this is very important!
4. Breastfeed-friendly clothes
5. Breastpump: I am saving up for a Medela Free Style :)
6. Feeding bottle: I bought Como Tomo brand since it mimics mom’s breast and is made of silicone which is safer and longer lasting (I hope)
7. Storage bags/bottles and cooler packs

Confinement - Don’t forget yourself! :)

1. Maternity pad
2. Disposable panties
3. Bengkung/Dressing
4. Confinement set (outer): Feminine wash, massaging oil, bathing herbs, bath scrub, slimming lotion, relaxing oil, and a warm pad
5. Confinement set (inner/supplement): I plan to use Shaklee products, since I have been using them since before I got married. For confinement set, you would need ESP, Vitalea, Zinc Complex, Ostematrix, B-Complex, and Vita-C Plus
6. Thick socks
7. Massages and “Bertungku” session: At least for the first 3 and last 3 days of your 2-months confinement

I hope these help. I am 35 weeks pregnant and I can’t wait to meet our baby. InsyaAllah ameeen :)

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